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Gear is the picture of the icon.  You don't look for just such a term or description when following instructions for sighted users.  You have to use logic and inference and experimentation to see what is being referred to.  programs routinely use a gear icon for the tools menu.  A sighted person sees a gear.  A blind person hears the word tools because that is text the icon has associated with it.  A sighted person can see the word tools, as far as I know.  But it is routinely referred to as a gear. 
The same may be true on various web pages where you have options or perhaps a menus.

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Hi Brian:

Thanks for that explanation.  I actually investigated this myself and
I pressed the settings button and was able to follow the instructions
given in the Gmail help, but instead of click on a gear, I pressed the
settings button and was able to follow the rest of the instructions as
Kevin Huber ,

On 8/19/16, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
> NVDA reads the "gear button" as "Settings Menu Button" and will tell you
> "collapsed, submenu" until you activate it.  It also mentions that you've
> landed on "toolbar" when you first hit any of the Google Toolbar buttons, of
> which the Settings Menu Button is only one.
> The above presumes that you've already logged in to the Gmail web interface
> for any one of the services that has settings that you as a user are able to
> configure.  Gmail is definitely among those.
> Gmail should have IMAP access enabled by default these days, but if an
> account was set up years ago it might not.  If you're trying to use a Gmail
> account in an email client I would simply try setting it up in that client
> first.  Those that can do auto setup will always try IMAP first and if the
> account is not set up to allow IMAP it most likely will fail.  Then you'd
> have to resort to going in to the Gmail account and turning it on.
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