Re: NVDA 2020.2 Beta 1

Jacob Kruger

It also gives me the error sound, and, I need to alt+tab a bit to then find the dialogue, etc.

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On 2020-06-18 01:23 PM, Robert Mendoza wrote:

Hi, Quentin.

I noticed after the update for this beta, is that the speech synth selection is not showing after pressing NVDA plus Control plus S, and the nvda stopped on the background. So, what I did is to restart again to reload. Can someone could replicate this error as well. Thanks.

On 6/18/2020 6:12 AM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi everyone,

NVDA 2020.2 Beta 1 is now available for testing.

For those interested in trying out what the next version of NVDA has before it is officially released.

Visit to download the beta and provide feedback.



Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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