locked Re: Installing Add-Ons

Sarah k Alawami

Go to the nvda home page and go to the add ons section, then see what add ons are compatible. What happened is your installed a new nvda which had to have no code, and the add ons had to change. So you need to update your add ons to comply with the new and wonderful nvda. Yes, I'm bias. I love the new NVDA.


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On 18 Jun 2020, at 17:48, Ibrahim Ajayi wrote:

How do I install AdOns on my NVDA screen reader.
I've just actually installed the latest version of the NVDA, and I
also attempted to install Eloquence auto language switching. The
eloquence was said to be incompatible when I tried to install it.
I've been using the eloquence for about three years without issues.
So, what must have gone wrong.
Of course, I did have to uninstall NVDA because I was having problems
with it, before I subsequently downloaded and installed the latest
version, the version I've always been prompted to download.
Please how can I get around this issue. How can I fix this problem.
Thanks and cheers.

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