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Hello Quentin,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to develop Google assistant actions and in order to create Google actions, we have to use this website.

And as I want to develop using node.js I have to get my project ID on this website.

Now I succeeded in finding my project ID by clicking the button to change its language.

When doing this I have another tab to change the name, get the ID and delete the project.

I'm going to contact Google accessibility support team.

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Le 19/06/2020 à 03:54, Quentin Christensen a écrit :
I don't have an answer (mostly because, at the same time, I need to ask: what is Google Actions Console?)  I had a quick look but as I haven't created any projects it didn't have any project IDs etc there.  Google now has a disability answer desk you can contact: It might be worth asking them.


On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 6:47 AM Patrick ZAJDA via <> wrote:


Does someone has succeeded in finding a project ID on Google Actions console?

In fact, what can we do with a screen reader on ? ;)

I tried  using Google Chrome.

The project ID looks like not existing, we have unusable menus.

Oh yes, I was able to create a project lol.

If someone has already used it I am really interested.

And who could I contact about accessibility related issues on this service? There are a lot of wirk ;)

Best regards,

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Patrick ZAJDA

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