Re: seika6 display braille, why no driver?


Ok guys,

I confirm I have four dll in a Seika folder within the ZDSR installation folder.

It must be what did the trick.


On 19/06/2020 14:05, Mallard wrote:
Hello simoneand all,

i think that's what happened. Zdsr must have installed something.

I was astonished when I saw that, by selecting Seika, my display was recognized immediately, while earlier i had to leav it on Automatic, and then I had the problems I described earlier.

I was forced to use an old pm 40, with half of the cells half dead... Now realing braille feels like Paradise on earth! lol

Unfortunately, all the suff within that screen reader is in Chinese, so I have no idea what can have been installed...

I'll ask around in the forum, and see what I can find out.



On 18/06/2020 18:55, Simone Dal Maso wrote:
Hello Joseph and all,
For Seika6 or touchme6 or whatever that finish with 6, yes, we have troubles.
But why NVDA doesn't support anymore the Seika5 display, and we should install the external addon?
If this is a final decision, we should update documentation, because from NVDA 2019.3 the normal situation is that described by Ollie, where you can read 40 characters and then you can't scroll with dedicated keys.
Perhaps,  Ollie the dedicated screen reader installed something magic on your pc, some dll, some drivers, or some little creatures that make the dirty work!

Il 18/06/2020 18:10, Joseph Lee ha scritto:
I'm thinking it might have to do with DLL's, which suggests that there is no
pure Python driver for Seika 6 at the moment.

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Hello simoneand all,

Funny, I was just going to report a strange experience I've just had with my

The external add-on (or driver, or whatever it was) never worked for
meThe display was seen by NVDA in Automatic, but not if I selected it
from the Seika option. I got the "Unable to load display" error.

On automatic, though, I could read the first 40 characters, move down or
up by line, but not pan horizontally.

Last week I bought ZDSR, a Chinese screen reader for Windows, which only
supports Seika display brailles.

I installed it, and my Touchme5 sorked like a clock immediately.

the strangest thing, however, was that, when I treid using with NVDA, it
loaded regularly choosing the Seika option, and now it works perfectly
well with NVDAtoo.

I can scroll, pan, use touch cursors...

Don't know what did the trick; I can only think that ZDSR installed some
driver or other that now lets me use this display all along.

I hope the devs will find a way to make Seika displays work with NVDA
again, because the braillle is very good, and it's a pity they can't be
used at their best.

sorry for the partially OT, but I wanted to report this, just in case
someone understands what might have done the trick.



On 16/06/2020 17:45, Simone Dal Maso wrote:
the situation for Seika Display Braille is quite strange on my opinion.
Now, for Seika until version5, users should use an external addon,
since from 2019.3 NVDA is not able to recognize properly the display
For seika6, the situation is different because there are no addons and
NVDA is not able to initialize the display.
I think that NVDA should be able to manage Seika Display Braille... do
you have some hints or ideas about this?

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