Add-on Updater 20.06.2 coming this weekend, last version to support NVDA 2019.3 and a notice on legacy add-ons to be shown #addonrelease


Hi all,


Add-on Updater 20.06.2 is on its way, to be released either today or tomorrow (likely later today). This release includes two major changes:


  • Add-on Updater 20.06.2 is the last version to support NVDA 2019.3.1 or earlier. I should have done that as part of 20.06 but didn’t get a chance to do that (Add-on Updater supports latest stable NVDA release).
  • If you are still using Screen Curtain and/or Focus Highlight, after installing Add-on Updater 20.06.2, you’ll get a courtesy notice asking you to uninstall these add-ons. If you are using NVDA 2019.3 or later, these add-ons are no longer necessary as they are part of NVDA (as far as Add-on Updater and add-ons community sees them, they are legacy add-ons kept for older NVDA releases). This notice will be presented only once. If you are indeed using NVDA 2019.3 or later and wish to avoid this notice, please uninstall Screen Curtain and Focus Highlight. Also, to avoid confusion, automatic add-on update facility (not manual command) will be disabled until you restart NVDA.


Regarding the second item: whenever all features from an add-on is included in NVDA, a notice like this will show up in the future. This can only occur if the author of the would-be legacy add-on informs the community that the add-on is no longer needed. The notice itself will be sent out a few months after legacy declaration takes place, likely around the time the successor NVDA version is in circulation.


For example, suppose NVDA 2020.3 includes all features from Resource Monitor add-on (hypothetically speaking). If that ever happens (unlikely), I will declare it as a legacy add-on around the time NVDA 2020.3 stable version comes out. A few months later (around the time NVDA 2020.4 shows up), I’ll include a notice in Add-on Updater saying that Resource Monitor should be removed.




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