Re: Problem with NVDA and single key navigation in Chrome

Sarah k Alawami

Did you run the com registration tool found under tools in the nvda menu? I have not this issue, yet. And am using brave and chrome and edge over here.


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On 20 Jun 2020, at 10:46, georgijivankin@... wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion, Zahra. This is the first thing I tried when I encountered this strange behaviour, and it didn't solve the problem for me as it is not an intermittent issue but happens every time I open Chrome. Let's see if anyone else has other suggestions.


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sometimes nvda's keys dont work for me.
for example: if i press nvda plus n, i cant go to the nvda's menu.
i press nvda plus q, but dont confirm any of the options for restarting or exiting nvda.
in this situation, nvda's restart and exit options are in the background.
i press alt tab to access them and press scape to cancel them.
then, nvda's menus work for me and i can access them without any issue.
sometimes, nvda single letter navigation keys dont work for me in browsers, and pressing alt tab to go to another program and alt tab again to return to browser, work for me.

On 6/20/20, georgijivankin@... <georgijivankin@...> wrote:

Hello NVDA community,

This is my first post here, and sadly it's about a problem with NVDA I
encountered today that I'd like to get some opinions about.

I've been an NVDA user for a couple of years mostly on an Apple
MacBook Pro running Windows 10 on Bootcamp or on a Del XPS 13 and I
have never experienced what I will describe below. Today I've got a
brand new work computer - a Lenovo X1 Carbon with Windows 10, Lenovo
drivers, Chrome, Slack, Webroot SecureAnywhere and Umbrella Roaming
Client by Cisco already preinstalled.

I initially installed an older version of NVDA that I had lying around
on a flash drive, which I immediately updated to the newest official
version thereafter.

When opened Chrome, I noticed that it reads through the pages in
browse mode, it can switch between Browse and Focus modes and it
recognizes links, forms and other controls, but none of the single
navigation keystrokes like H, E, N, NVDA+Space and other similar keys
or key combinations work. Even the NVDA+1 key doesn't want to turn
help navigation on, same for the NVDA+N keystrokes combination.

Once I exit Chrome everything goes back to Normal and NVDA starts
responding as it should.

I tried the same with Microsoft Edge and it works - NVDA can
successfully intercept and process single navigation keys and key
combinations without issues jumping through headings, focusing edit controls, etc.

What I tried so far:

* Reinstalling NVDA a few times (both Version 2020.1, 2020.2 Beta 1
and snapshot builds),
* Deleting the %appdata%\nvda directory after each uninstallation,
* Reinstalling Chrome Version 83.0.4103.106 (Official Build) (64-bit),
* Running the Windows 10 file check scanner through Powershell as
described here:
ecker- tool-to-repair-missing-or-corrupted-system
* Installing the latest update for Windows 10 Version 2004 (OS Build
19041.329) and all available security and driver updates through
Windows update.
* Running the Com Registration Fixing Tool a few times.

After one of the first NVDA or Chrome reinstallations, I managed to
get it working somehow, but after I kept customising my NVDA the way I
like it, after one of the subsequent reboots, the problem reappeared
and no reinstallations of Chrome or NVDA managed to fix it ever since.

There is nothing in the log viewer, neither in normal, nor in
debugging mode and I am out of ideas.

If you have any suggestions of things for me to try, please let me know.

Best Regards,


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