Re: Possible to Push Files on a PC using Remote Access?

Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...>

Yes, I did review that little snippet Chris. Just was hoping someone here has figured out a way to do this remotely using some sort of workaround. I feel the Push Clipboard option should allow this in my opinion.

I've temporarily setup a folder on OneDrive that is shared with the Client PC. Just was hoping there was something that allowed the copying of files from one Server to the Client when using a remote Direct PC-to-PC connection.

On 6/21/2020 3:41 PM, Chris Mullins wrote:


You can only push text.  If you read the help file associated with the Remote add-on, it does say specifically that you can push text from either side of the connection, there is no mention of files.





From: Kenny
Sent: 21 June 2020 20:34
Subject: [nvda] Possible to Push Files on a PC using Remote Access?





Been tinkering a bit with the NVDA Remote Access Add-on, and really love it.



Especially love the ability to set the add-on to auto connect to a

client's PC immediately after NVDA has launched. Very very useful for

controlling my home PC when on vacation.



Do have a question regarding the Push Clipboard feature?



I'm able to successfully push text copied to my controller PC's

clipboard to the PC being controlled, but not files?



I figured when you use the [Control]+[c] keyboard shortcut to copy files

to the clipboard, I could place them on the client's PC using the same

Push Clipboard option?



Doesn't work.



Maybe I'm missing a step or something here, so I'm coming to the list

for guidance.



If the NVDA Remote Access add-on isn't able to perform such actions, is

there another remote app I can use that does allow this type of file

copying flexibility? Copying files from the server PC to the client's PC.



I'm using:


NVDA Version: 2020.2beta1


Windows Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.329)



on a high-end Dell XPS PC.



Thanks for any assistance.








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