Re: SSH with the new windows Bash Client?

jeremy <icu8it2@...>

If it's the same thing that was mentioned a while ago here on list, it does work, but seems to have some of the same issues in navigating things like ncurses menus and areas such as files within nano. As with Teraterm and I assume, putty, NVDA doesn't always track the cursor correctly, so you have to use review commands to get an idea of your position sometimes. I'm not sure if this is mostly specific to recent versions of NVDA, as I know older versions worked really well with Teraterm, but I do know the latest one can be really frustrating to use with it.

How does one go about getting and using this bash console in 10, btw, as I'd certainly be willing to give it a shot. Is it something that comes in the latest anniversary update?
Take care.

On 8/19/2016 3:18 PM, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:
Has anyone managed to give the new windows bash client a try yet? I am waiting for my update to install. It is a very functional Ubuntu type system and that means that SSH should work.
If that is the case, no more needing to deal with partly accessible SSH clients, we will be able to use the default windows client!

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