Re: Question about NVDA Remote and Copying/pasting Text

Kenny <kwashingtonbox@...>

Yes, you can setup such a scenario to share files with any online cloud service.

Just would be simpler for me to press [f11] to switch to my local PC and copy the file I need. Then press [F11] to switch back to the client's PC and paste it in a folder, install the utility, and get to work.

I mean the Push Clipboard option is already there for text. Would it be difficult to enhance it's ability to allow the pushing of files copied to the clipboard too?

Just hoping there is someone here who has come up with a more efficient solution.

On 6/21/2020 4:12 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Is the link to a file or something they need to well get for themselves or is it something that you can only do online.

For most of my remotes I don't actively upload live in a session.

Firstly its not needed and secondly why bother.

If its only files, I will download the files in question, and use dropbox or similar.

I have a shared folder linked with that email on the user's system dropbox is on or whatever.

I download the files and put it there.

If the user has something I put it in a file and put it there or they do it.

For files and some information, its easier to do this rather than actively emailing and accessing things.

If I must run a script I make it on my system, upload it, remote in or whatever run the script.

Once I am done, I go back to my system, and clear the folder, the remote will clear itself you do need to empty the junk out of things.

If its something you need yourself, go to something like and make a free account.

Make a shortened link and write it down.

 then open it on the remote that way.

I am not sure about cross transfering content because I never do it.

Its faster to cloud dump it and its there when I want it.

Now if it aint simple like a hardware issue or virus or corrupted system or something where I have to physically access the system, everything from a clean install to listen for faulty things or generally accessing it without the network factors I physically access the system.

I have never done anything in reguards of anything bar administration.

On 22/06/2020 2:28 am, Steve Matzura wrote:
I have a long link that I need someone at the other end of an NVDA Remote session to use, and the computer on which it is to be used doesn't have an email client, so I can't just send it to them. Does NVDA Remote allow copying and pasting between local and remote computers? In other words, can I copy the link to my clipboard, connect to the remote computer, and through some special key combination, paste it on the other end's machine somewhere?


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