Re: windows ten and nvda 2017 versions:

Luke Davis

Arlene, Zahra is correct. I keep a copy of 2017.3 around for add-on testing, and its basic functions work quite well under Windows 10 up to, at least, Win 10 version 1909.

However, essential items like the Add-on Updater, and Windows 10 App Essentials, do not work with it, unless you dig up some very old versions.

Basically it is highly inadvisable to use such an old version of NVDA on Windows 10, and there are rarely any good reasons to do so, unless you need to use it to find bugs for add-ons and things like that.

I would certainly never use it as my daily screen reader.


On Tue, 23 Jun 2020, zahra wrote:

nvda has support for windows ten since 2015.3!

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