Re: windows ten and nvda 2017 versions:

Luke Davis

You may, although since I don't regularly use that old version for other than testing purposes, I don't know how much help I will be. But you're welcome to try.

I will also note, that Espeak has definite issues under Windows 10 and 2017.3. The longer the text you read, the more harsh and distorted Espeak becomes, until it reaches some threshold and resets.

Espeak is definitely not pleasant in that use case. Some people might say it never is, but for someone like me who uses and prefers it, under 2017.3 it is difficult to listen to after a short time.

But you're welcome to ask your questions.


On Tue, 23 Jun 2020, zahra wrote:

thanks so much for your reply!
may i contact you offline and ask some questions in this regard?
however, my favorite version of nvda is 2017.2.
but espeak in 2017.3 is also good,
and there is no difference about espeak between these versions.

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