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Chris Mullins

                Hi Grant

There is already a setting in NVDA which enables the speaking of commands, it is NVDA+4 on the number row.  If you use Notepad with Windows 10, there is a handy little feature which indicates if you have made any unsaved changes to the file you are working with.  If you press NVDA+t to speak the window title, you may hear the word “star” spoken before the title text is read.  This is because Notepad puts an asterisk on the title bar if the related file contains unsaved changes.  This asterisk is not present if the file does not contain unsaved changes.






From: Aschalew Byness
Sent: 23 June 2020 03:40
Subject: Re: [nvda] speaking commands


you can use 'nvda extention global add-on'.  it has wonderful features

including speaking of commands. it is a private add-on though.


On 6/23/20, Grant Metcalf <the.gems@...> wrote:

> I am hoping that sometime soon the NVDA developers will have NVDA speak

> commands such as “control-save”. I am always in doubt if I have been able to

> save the file I am working on. Mostly I use the text editor Notepad and very

> occasionally Wordpad for “RTF” files. Granpa DOS would appreciate all

> efforts the developers would exert toward making the very basic commands

> speak!

> Cordially yours.

> Listening for HIS shout!

> Grant Metcalf





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