Re: Why does NVDA default to no Braille?


which version of nvda do you use?
the first sentence about nvda 2018.3 is:
automatic detection of many Braille displays.
so, dont worry. nvda supports your braile display i need.
also, you can refer to the nvda user guide to find more informations
about different braile displays.

On 6/23/20, Nightowl <> wrote:

Just joined the group, so  excuse me if this question has been asked

The question is: why does NVDA default to no Braille whenever I start
my computer? I have a Freedom Scientific PM 20 Braille display connected
to my pc via USB. What can I do to have NVDA start with Braille?

Also, if I run Narrator with Braille on, then close Narrator to run
NVDA, NVDA also then starts up with no Braille. How can I get NVDA to
start with Braille without having to go into the Braille setting to
change it to my choice of Braille display?

Thank you,

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