Re: Discrepancy Between NVDA and Youtube sounds

Aschalew Byness

about the discripancy betwen the volume of YouTube and Nvda, Daniel
wrote here as: 'I use an extension called "sound booster that works"
in Chrome. If the video is too low,, you can click on it, or set a
hotkey to it, so that the video's volume increases. It is fast and
works very well!'. I added the extention to my Chrome. I didn't know
where to klick or how to set hotkies to increase YouTube volume as
much as nvda. solution please?
fondly!On 6/14/20, Nevzat Adil <> wrote:

Hi every one,
There is a discrepancy between the volume of sound I get from NVDA and
For instance, when I listen to a Youtube video I need to turn the
volume all the way up to hear some sound, but then the volume from
NVDA is at 100%.
Is there a way to equalize the sound volumes of both NVDA and Youtube
so that I won't have to turn up the volume all the way up to listen to
a Youtube video?
Any help would be appreciated.
Nevzat Adil
Library of Congress Certified
Literary Braille Proofreader
C: 512 502 4403

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