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Not all Windows 10 systems are equal, as they may run different Windows 10 releases.

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hi Joseph.
thanks extremely for your help.
according to my understanding from your comment, if i find one system with windows ten, (all current and previous versions of windows ten are equal in this regard) that i can use them for basic usage. am i right?
for example: navigating between files and folders, settings and control panel, reading and writing documents and listening to audio files are all available in windows ten with nvda 2017.2 and 2017.3.
but if i want to benefit from all new and modern features, modern softwares of windows ten, and especially cloud services of windows ten, i should use new version of nvda.
because some features of current versions of windows ten, are completely new and they were not available in the year of 2017 that nvda can supports them.
the features like
this sentence that i read about 2018.3
• Added support for various modern input features introduced in recent Windows 10 releases. These include emoji panel (Fall Creators Update), dictation (Fall Creators Update), hardware keyboard input suggestions (April 2018 Update), and cloud clipboard paste (October 2018 Update).
i believe that with 2017.3 and even 2017.2, i dont miss anything except emojie and all other modern features that i read and mentioned they are supported in 2018.3.
am i right?

thanks again for your help and your comment that helped me a lot, and i became freed from concern about my need and use case about windows ten, (if i need some day to use another system in other places with my favorite versions of nvda that support persian language and american accent together?
sorry, i wish that my english could be easily understandable for you and other people!
God bless you and i dont forget praying for you and i always request divine infinite mercy, favors, bounties and blessings for you and all nvda developers.

On 6/23/20, Joseph Lee <> wrote:
Hi all,
To settle the matter for my add-ons and to answer possible questions:
* Can I run current add-ons on older NVDA releases: technically, yes;
practically speaking, no. This is more so if you are using an older
NVDA release that doesn't include a feature that is desperately needed
by current add-ons (Python syntax differences and libraries, for
example). In case of any add-ons I'm maintaining, unless otherwise
noted, there is a limit as to how old an NVDA release you can use with
add-ons. For all practical purposes, my add-ons require NVDA 2019.3 or
later for proper functionality.
* Does NVDA 2017.3 run on Windows 10: yes and no. The first version to
support Windows 10 properly was 2015.3 (I championed for it then).
Does this mean 2017.3 works on modern Windows 10? Yes to some degree.
What about versions such as May 2019 Update? No because certain
features, namely proper support for modern input features, came with
later NVDA releases. How about Chromium Edge? NVDA 2017.3 does not
properly support it - the only Edge it is familiar with is the one
that is, for all practical purposes, end of life.
* As a follow-up, will you (Joseph) make add-ons so NVDA 2017.3 users
can use more modern Windows 10 features: a year ago I would have
thought about it. Today, despite calls for this, my answer is no. We
have gotten to a point where we cannot cross the "ocean" to return to
the old world, particularly more so since NVDA 2019.3.

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Arlene, Zahra is correct. I keep a copy of 2017.3 around for add-on
testing, and its basic functions work quite well under Windows 10 up
to, at least, Win 10 version 1909.

However, essential items like the Add-on Updater, and Windows 10 App
Essentials, do not work with it, unless you dig up some very old versions.

Basically it is highly inadvisable to use such an old version of NVDA
on Windows 10, and there are rarely any good reasons to do so, unless
you need to use it to find bugs for add-ons and things like that.

I would certainly never use it as my daily screen reader.


On Tue, 23 Jun 2020, zahra wrote:

nvda has support for windows ten since 2015.3!

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