Navigating a Word Document with Editable Fields?



I am unable to navigate this attached word document with NVDA. Does anyone know NVDA settings or word settings I can do to make this document readable?

Here are the problems:

1.       I am unable to press left or right arrow keys, or ctrl+left or ctrl+right arrow keys to move through each row.

2.       I am unable to erase content after typing it without arrowing down, out of the box, then arrowing back into the box

3.       The text in between the tables is not read by NVDA

4.       Using table navigation commands doesn't seem to work properly, from column 2, I am unable to move to column 1.

5.       When arrowing through the table, I sometimes get stuck in an endless loop, around the check boxes

6.       Arrowing up and down doesn't seem to always show the same content I just past.

Thank you,

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