Re: Navigating a Word Document with Editable Fields?



             Where there's a will, and a bit of devious research, there's a way.  This link is to a downloadable version of the form you provided earlier, but in RTF format, on my Google Drive with all protections removed:

As a result, it behaves very much like any regular word document, and you can feel free to promptly do a Save As and save it in docx format again.  I left all of the form fields in the document.  Everywhere that you need to fill in will have the phrase "Click or tap here to enter text" which you can select and actually fill in what was noted in the document just before that.  The exception is the date, where the phrase, "Click or tap here to enter date" is used.

The table format remains, but at least you should be able to hear what you need to hear in order to fill this thing out independently.


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