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Hello Bryan,
Thank you, I know who built it, so I'll send them some materials on making accessible Word forms. I sent them some information on accessible PDF forms earlier, but it is slightly different in Word.
I've never used an accessible form in Word, other than some check boxes,, so didn't know what to expect.
Thank you,

On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 2:32 PM Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:

            This appears to be a very decently designed MS-Word fillable form, at least strictly from a visual standpoint, accessibility is another thing.  The form itself is password protected, so I cannot dissect the form in detail.  There do not appear to be any tables visually, and why this designer chose to use them I have no idea, as I'm hearing what you are when traversing the form.  The form just a series of text form fields, with the exception of the Date Awarded, which is a dropdown that allows selection from a calendar, though you can type in mm/dd/yyyy if you so choose.

I can tab and shift+Tab to move to the next/previous form fields.  Home/End take me to the first/last position in a form field.  But only some of the fields have any alt-text to tell you what they are.  

The text in between the fields is not accessible, nor should it be accessible, while the form is in "fillable" mode and if the designer knew what they were doing they should have placed alt text on each fillable item that tells you what the labels that are part of the form show.  They also should not have used tables in a form of this type.  There are times they're helpful, but not here.

I don't know what options you have as far as seeking assistance with, and giving feedback about, this form.  But whoever designed this doesn't know even basic accessibility principles for a fillable form.

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