Re: windows ten and nvda 2017 versions:


but i am sure that i use nvda 2017.3 at most in any version of windows.
i love the version that support all operating systems and 2017.3 is
the last one that has this capability!

On 6/24/20, Luke Davis <> wrote:
Just for the record, for anyone who wants it for some obscure reason, 2017.3
be downloaded directly from NV Access, at

But seriously people, please don't. Unless you're running Vista or XP, you
want or need this. There is no, zero, as in not any, positive value to
2017.3 under Windows 10.


On Tue, 23 Jun 2020, Arlene wrote:

Hey Zarah, I did have 17.2 and 17.3 on my external hard drive. I think I
did get rid of it. I might have done it on my 7 box before it bit the
dust. My room
mate told me that Ihad dumped it. I knew I was coming to windows ten. So
she did tell me I dumped it. She dumped it when she used a thumb drive
that I
had it on. I do like the voice it now comes with. I hope Luke or someone
gives you the link so you can go get your 17.2 or 17.3. I don’t want it.
Is your
xp computer dying? The windows commands are somewhat the same. But it’s a

little different from xp. You wont have outlook express like you do with

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