Re: Why does NVDA default to no Braille?

Nightowl <nightowl145@...>


Yes, this only happens when I restart the machine, not when quitting NVDA, then restarting it from the desktop or its shortcut. Anyway, not a big problem.



On 6/24/2020 10:13 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
Just to be sure I understand: this only happens after you restart the machine?

It doesn't happen if you just restart NVDA?

If the braille display is working, and you completely quit NVDA then restart it from the desktop shortcut or control+alt+n, the braille display will still be working?

 On Wed, 24 Jun 2020, Nightowl wrote:


I am using the latest version of NVDA, and I have saved my settings configuration. My problem of NVDA defaulting to no Braille happens when I shut down my PC then switches it on again. Perhaps there is some conflict between Narrator and NVDA. Anyhow, it's not too much of a problem, just a little annoying having to restart NVDA each time I turn on my PC.

Than you all.


On 6/23/2020 9:25 PM, Gene wrote:
The easiest way to save settings manually is to use the command control NVDA key c.  You will hear an announcement configuration saved, or something very similar.

It is better to turn off automatic saving of settings on exit and save settings manually you intend to keep.  What if Windows unexpectedly shuts down when you are trying settings you don't know if you want to save?  If you have automatic saving of settings enabled, the settings will be saved, whether you want them to be or not.

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Hi, I think the issue is that your NVDA is probably set to not save changes to settings when it shuts down. Whenever you change some settings and you want them to persist in your next session, open nvda menu (NVDA + N), and select the save configuration option  (S). Now your settings should be saved. Test this is so by restarting NVDA and checking if everything is all right.

Also, if you want to use narrator, you don't need to quit NVDA. You can turn on sleep mode for your current application by pressing NVDA + shift + S and NVDA will be disabled for that application. Press the keyboard shortcut to toggle off sleep mode.

On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 2:58 PM zahra <> wrote:
which version of nvda do you use?
the first sentence about nvda 2018.3 is:
automatic detection of many Braille displays.
so, dont worry. nvda supports your braile display i need.
also, you can refer to the nvda user guide to find more informations
about different braile displays.

On 6/23/20, Nightowl <> wrote:

Just joined the group, so  excuse me if this question has been asked

The question is: why does NVDA default to no Braille whenever I start
my computer? I have a Freedom Scientific PM 20 Braille display connected
to my pc via USB. What can I do to have NVDA start with Braille?

Also, if I run Narrator with Braille on, then close Narrator to run
NVDA, NVDA also then starts up with no Braille. How can I get NVDA to
start with Braille without having to go into the Braille setting to
change it to my choice of Braille display?

Thank you,

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