Crashes in Word and Outlook

Josh Miele


I'm new to this list, but I've been using NVDA as my exclusive Windows screen reader for about 8 years.

I'm in a new work environment where I practically live in outlook, and I'm finding that I experience frequent freezes when composing emails, particularly when highlighting or deleting. The screen reader goes silent and doesn't come back, even if I wait a very long time.

The only way to recover is to go to the desktop with Windows+M and restart NVDA with ctrl+alt+N. NVDA almost always restarts after a 20-30 second delay with an error sound concurrent with the NVDA startup sound.

When I return to Outlook the email I was composing is *sometimes* still there, but it is frequently gon -- disappeared from the world without a trace in Drafts or Trash.

This can happen as frequently as every few minutes, or sometimes goes for hours without happening. I'm unable to pin it to any particular situation or constellation of other concurrent activities.

I experience a similar problem in MS Word, also while highlighting or deleting. Again, the file is sometimes there when I restart NVDA, but it is just as likely to be recovered from the last time I saved it...

Needless to say, this is extremely frustrating and is terrible for my productivity and mental well being.

I am using Version 2020.1, but this problem was present and even worse in prior versions. In the current version I'm usually able to restart NVDA from the desktop with the keyboard shortcut. In prior versions the only way to recover was to restart my computer.

I have searched the web and the archive of this list to see if others have experienced this, but I'm coming up mostly empty. From the issues list on Github, it looks like this has happened to other folks in much older versions, but it's marked as closed.

Any insights or help with this will be most gratefully appreciated.



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