Re: nvda ocr

Luke Davis

Can you please provide some more information about how you are giving the image to NVDA?

How do you get the image?
What program are you in when you try to perform the OCR?
What is NVDA saying, right before you press insert+r?


On Thu, 25 Jun 2020, Aschalew Byness wrote:

Hi lovely guys
I always try to have nvda recognize image or scanned documents with
insert+r. I don't get any result though. but, in jaws, when I press
insert + space, o, c, I hear a kind of bip sound to let me know that
the recognition is in process. it also lets me know when it finishes
recognizing the document. I don't get the same in nvda although I
press insert +r. it is dead silence. does this nvda OCR recognition
really work.

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