Re: nvda ocr

Sam Taylor

Your system focus remains where it was; just continue to use your arrow keys. It's not like JAWS where it's necessary to change back to your original cursor.

On 25/06/2020 10:00 pm, Aschalew Byness wrote:
thank you; but if position the navigator object with nvda+down or up
arrow, what keystroke should I then press to get back to the system

On 6/25/20, Sam Taylor via <samtaylor9@...> wrote:
numpad 7 or numpad 9 on a desktop, NVDA up arrow or NVDA down arrow if
using laptop layout.

You may also benefit from reading sections 5.4 and 5.5 of the user
manual concerning object navigation and reviewing text.

On 25/06/2020 9:20 pm, Aschalew Byness wrote:

If I want to ocr a book, how do I position the navigater object? I
mean, what key should I press first before I press nvda+r?

On 6/25/20, Sam Taylor via <samtaylor9@...> wrote:
NVDA's OCR recognises the current navigator object, not the system
focus. So make sure that you position the navigator object first at the
place you think the OCR should occur, before pressing NVDA+R.

On 25/06/2020 7:51 pm, Aschalew Byness wrote:

The image is a scanned document. I open this scanned document with
Adobe reader. When I open it, nvda says: “Alert: Empty page  page
This page appears to be empty. It may contain a scanned image that
needs OCR or it may be part of a malformed document.” After getting
this message, I press insert +r. nvda says: ‘recognizing. Result
document.” After that, if I press insert +r, nvda says: ‘already in a
content recognition result’. If I arrow then, it reads: ‘blank”.

On 6/25/20, Aschalew Byness via
<gakidan.ashagre235@...> wrote:
yeah, I am using windows 10 2004 version. when I try to recognize an
image by pressing insert + r, there is nothing shown or heard. no bip
sound, no spoken outcome whether it is recognizing. even when I press
arrow keys, it simply says 'blank'. then How do I know whether it has
started recognizing. How do I know whether it has finished

On 6/25/20, zahra <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:
do you use windows ten?
if so, windows ten has internal ocr functionality that nvda
added support for it since nvda version 2017.3.
if you use any other windows version that has not internal ocr
capability, you should install ocr addon.

On 6/25/20, Aschalew Byness <gakidan.ashagre235@...> wrote:
Hi lovely guys
I always try to have nvda recognize image or scanned documents with
insert+r. I don't get any result though. but, in jaws, when I press
insert + space, o, c, I hear a kind of bip sound to let me know that
the recognition is in process. it also lets me know when it finishes
recognizing the document. I don't get the same in nvda although I
press insert +r. it is dead silence. does this nvda OCR recognition
really work.

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