locked Announcement: Two new lists and one new born community

Vlad Dragomir

hello all, glad to be back, it's been a while!
Preliminary notes:
1. I do apologise for the length of this email; if you do not enjoy long reads, I suggest you should skip this one.
2. Since this is only loosly related to the main topic of this list, I kindly request all those interested in this announcement to avoid responding directly to this email. Please use the provided contact details instead.
I have been using TeamTalk very often these months; my students seem to appreciate both the sound quality and the reliability of this platform. The client's interface does have its own logic, but it can be challenging sometimes to understand all its functionalities and be able to use it properly. I remember I spent a very long time trying to figure everything out the first time. Therefore, I decided to start a mailing list whose purpose would be to help those who have never used TeamTalk before, and also give experienced users a chance to exchange ideas and learn from each other. I expect TeamTalk Tips to be a relatively low-traffic list, but I do believe TeamTalk deserves its own list, along more popular ones like Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
In collaboration with a few friends, I have also made the decision of opening my own TeamTalk server to the world and try to start a new VI community. Its name is Inwards Sight, and its main multiple goals are as follows:
1. To offer a place for people to come together, spend good moments in each other's company, meet new friends and exchange thoughts and information about anything, from arts and culture to technology, accessible games, radio or any type of entertainment.
2. There'll be a space dedicated to serious learning and teaching, for those interested in learning a new skill or improving one they already have. For the time being, we are able to offer language courses, music related classes, computer/screen reader/MS office and GSuite  training,. I'm also trying to convince two professionals I know to come and teach programming and audio editing, but I'm still waiting for confirmation.
3. Last but not least, we'll try to offer live technical support for at least a few hours every week, to those who have problems with their computers and need assistance in trying to solve them.
We intend to keep these services open to everyone in the world, and completely free, although we'll be grateful to those who decide to donate according to their own possibilities.
Should you be interested in contributing to this new community, either as a friend, a student or a teacher, please do not hesitate to ask for more details, we'll be delighted to hear from anyone. We're also very grateful to all those who might be able to spread the word and tell their friends and acquaintances about this innitiative.
If you want to join the TeamTalk Tips mailing list, you can visit this page:
Alternatively, you can subscribe by sending an empty email to the following address:
For any questions related to Inwards Sight, or to obtain an account on our server, please send an email to metal_phoenyx@...
There is also a dedicated mailing list, which can be found here:
The subscription email is:
Best regards and thank you for your patience, this was a very long and boring email!

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