Re: Some NVDA Questions

Luke Davis

On Fri, 26 Jun 2020, E.T. via wrote:

Ok I won't worry about the unknown. :)
You can always try running the Com registration fixing tool from the tools menu of NVDA, to try to fix your unknowns. It may or may not help, but it won't hurt.

What I am talking about is that NVDA will not read 'ctrl' as 'control' but spells the letters out. Another one might be F3 for find next. NVDA reads that as 'f3n'. I have a hearing impairment so this makes it more difficult to understand.
Actually, you're hearing two things there.

If you're in the edit menu, and there is a find next command, pressing "n" will get you to it. However if you're not in the edit menu, and you just want to do a find next from where-ever you happen to be, then you would use "F3", which is your third function key.

So you are hearing F3, N (two separate commands). Both are ways to get to find next, but they are different ways of getting there.
You can either press alt+e, then n; or you can press F3.


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