Re: how to enable one core voices in windows ten to use with nvda?


how about nvda 2017.3?
the first version of nvda that supports mobile one core voices?
also, are these voices freeware?

On 6/27/20, Rui Fontes <> wrote:
At least with last NVDA and Windows 10 versions, you don't need to do
anything else than install the voices you want to use...

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 13:40 de 27/06/2020, zahra escreveu:
hello every one.
i know that nvda since its version 2017.3,
has support for mobile one core voice.
how can someone activate these voices?
using sapi5 is very easy with nvda, and it does not require registry.
but i remember somewhere i read about one core voices to be activated
by changing registry.
the instruction was extremely difficult and professional that i could
not understand!
is this true for one core voices in newer versions of windows ten?
thanks for any help, God bless you!

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