Re: how to enable one core voices in windows ten to use with nvda?


i wish to know about different versions of windows ten too.
does not newer version require registry but previous versions of
windows ten needed?
if so, since which version of windows ten, using one core does not
require complex changes on registry?!

On 6/27/20, Andre Fisher <> wrote:

Haven't not used NVDA 2017.3 since early 2018, I can't comment on how the
experience would be compared to that of the recent version (2020.1).
However, with Windows 10, at least one Windows OneCore voice should be on
your system right out of the box. Pressing NVDA+Control+S, then scrolling
down to Windows OneCore voices should do the trick. I notice that you keep
on asking about an earlier version of NVDA, where there have been several
changes and improvements since that release, especially where the OneCore
voices are concerned. If you insist on using this version, I highly doubt
anyone would or even could provide assistance with it, as it is very old,
and a large majority of users have presumably updated this version from a
long time ago. Therefore, knowing this, it would be best for you to stop
wasting your time asking about it, but this is just my opinion.

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