Recovering an Acapela activation key from unusable computer how’s it done?

Gerardo Corripio

For those of you who already have NVDA’s Acapela voices, if God forbid I were to be in this situation, but it’s always good to know just in case: how would one recover an activation key (out of the 3 given when purchasing), if the computer on which the license is activated, suddenly dies, without loosin the key in the process, thus being unable to deactivate that machine’s key, through NVDA/Acapela voices/License Management? If I let that key go, when I get the computer repaired and returned back to me and upon activating Acapela again on that same machine especially if he computer needs to be reformatted), I’d e using up Activation Key #2; hence having one left for emmergencies! Is there a website I could go to, and manage my activation keys without depending on the machine on which the key is activated, to deactivate it? I wouldn’t want to loos any activations unnecessarily. Thanks for info.

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