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Once you put a shortcut on the desktop, if you are going to use the application often, why not assign a shortcut command?  In future, you don't have to go to the desktop and move to the shortcut.  You can open the application from almost anywhere just by issuing one command. 

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I find it easier to place application shortcuts on the desktop.  This is a two-step process.  Hit the windows key, type in the application name, hit the context menu, find file location and enter on it, hit the context menu and go to the send-to menu.  Hit the desktop option.  Hit windows m to bring you to the desktop, type the first letter of the application, and you will land on it.  Note that on the desktop, once you find a and select  application, you can hit f2 and change the shortcut’s name.





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Subject: [nvda] dealing with Pins on the Windows 10 start



Does anyone understand how pins work in Windows 10?

I removed all the junk in hopes that fewer items would make things clearer, but it didn't I pinned a couple things to the start and in order to get to them I need to hit right arrow once and down arrow all the way to the bottom when they should be just down.

Apparently there are folders but I can't understand how they work.

Any help would be great because I would like to start using the start menu.


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