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To be honest that was why I got myself sapi eloquence and vocaliser.

True they cost me more to buy but I don't have this issue with nvda versions.

If it wasn't so ruddy expensive I'd buy the entire acapella sapi to but you can't download the full english or multilang infovox and need to buy it as well a flash drive.

That would be fine but at double the price after buying it in the uk, no thanks.

Its a pitty new zealand or australia don't have a local distributor at all.

Its also a pitty I can't just buy it as an online purchice from acapella itself and is probably the only thing stopping me getting that one.

Seroproc is nice but with everything being 25 bucks each and with noveltys being 10 bucks each I'd have to buy everything as indevidual products.

Neospeech is allso split up as well as ivona and while maxiaids has the old neospeech for a reasonable price and while they claim to ship outside the us, paypal seems to only work in the us so I had to give up.

I may try later on and see if I can manually send them cash without using paypal for the thing.

Or at least not the paypal form, I have brought things with direct email address submition before and it has worked.

On 28/06/2020 10:00 pm, Chris Mullins wrote:


Perhaps if you contact Codefactory and explain what software you have and what you want it to run on, they will be able to tell you what you need to do and what, if any,  costs are involved in getting it working.





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    Let me see if I can clarify this some.


    I have a Vovalizer voice from Code Factory. It is incompatible with

NVDA    2020 and will be disabled if I proceed with installation. Someone

indicated the voice needs to be updated. I need to know how to do that.


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> What do you talk about?


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>      Ok I wish to take care of this one. How do I update my purchased


> Samantha voice so it works with the NVDA 2020 build? Once I do this, I


> can check off more to-do tasks. Thanks.


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> in the past. What if it were true?






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