Re: Focus Issues on Facebook Desktop Site Using Firefox

George McCoy

That doesn't work for me. I face this issue in all Chromium-based browsers, firefox and the old edge.

One thing that helps a bit is to get into the habit of using nvda plus spacebar to turn off focus mode.  It almost seems that the escape key is getting through to facebook.

If I get stuck in the reactions area, I find that clicking one of the reaction buttons using the spacebar lets me exit focus mode using nvda plus spacebar without zinging off to the bottom of the newsfeed or list of posts in a group.

This behavior makes it nearly impossible to use facebook desktop efficiently.


On 6/27/2020 6:15 AM, Dejan Ristic wrote:
Hi from me,

You say that you happen to face it on Firefox. I face it on Google Chrome. That's to say, when I come upon the like button in the reactions toolbar area while in the browse mode, NVDA automatically switches to the focus mode. And then, when I hit escape as you do, NVDA's focus is thrown somewhere else. To get rid of the inconveniences, I go to the NVDA menu, choose the advanced submenu, and then tab to the automatically set system focus to focusable elements to uncheck it just to stop NVDA's focus skipping of its own accord. When I do that, I can use much better when I walk through the reactions area and the comments area.

Both Chrome and NVDA are the latest versions (NVDA being the latest stable).


On 27/06/2020 04:41, Governor staten wrote:
Hello. Is the subject apt for anyone else but me? I am having many focus issues on the Facebook desktop site, using NVDA alpha-20400,675c4c54. I"m using Firefox 77.0.1 on Windows 10 version 1909 Build 18363.900. I've had focus issues for quite some time. Here are latest issues. I will do my best to describe.

When I read posts, I use browse mode, pressing "h" to move from heading to heading. If I want to like a post, I navigate to the like button. When I press enter on it, it appears to be stuck in the reactions area. If I press escape, I am thrown somewhere else on the page.

I try to comment on a post I liked, and it has me doing things to the reactions. I hit the escape key and again, I"m thrown somewhere else on the page. I hope I can help you all solve this one. It is annoying, to say the least.

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