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Wordpad does open many document formats but it doesn't have a spell checcker. JARTE is built on Wordpad and it has a spell checker and more features than just Wordpad. I havedn't used it much and I haven't kept it updated. You can read docx files with it but you used to need a Microsoft compatibility pack (spelling) installed to be able to do so because Jarte used, perhaps it still does, the old menu version of Wordpad for its base.

We don't know any specific ways in which the persson wants to use the programs so, although we can discuss different options, there is no way to address any specific purposes the person has.


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Do you now that WordPad opens rtf, docx, odt, txt?

*.doc, opens but they get some garbish in beginnig and end of document...

Rui Fontes

Às 15:15 de 29/06/2020, Brian Vogel escreveu:
True about WordPad, which I'd forgotten all about.

Even so, the probability of needing to be able to at least read other word processing file types or PDFs, even if you're not generating them, makes a more general purpose tool worth considering.

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