Re: nvda ocr

Aschalew Byness

I just tried to use NAPS2TesseractOCR by Rui Fontes. Thank you Rui;
you’re so kind. But, when I press nvda+shift+r opening a scanned
document with Adobe reader, nvda reads as: ‘Processing... Please
wait... This operation can takes some seconds...
C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe terminal vblank”. No more progress after
this. Your help as usual?

On 6/25/20, Aschalew Byness <> wrote:
Hi lovely guys
I always try to have nvda recognize image or scanned documents with
insert+r. I don't get any result though. but, in jaws, when I press
insert + space, o, c, I hear a kind of bip sound to let me know that
the recognition is in process. it also lets me know when it finishes
recognizing the document. I don't get the same in nvda although I
press insert +r. it is dead silence. does this nvda OCR recognition
really work.

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