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Hmmm well here in new zealand there are 20 dollar pro plus keys, obviously they are legal enough.

You can't activate them online, you need to logon to a chinese site with your product generated id and have to click a couple things to activate office.

Usually I wouldn't go through this sort of junk, but with the price of microsoft office at 400 + dollars here in new zealand for the business version which has outlook in it, its almost impossible to buy for more than 1 unit especially since its 1 unit activation these days and this person I know has 3 of these and used a tripple office 07 licence.

I don't know how actually completely legal these are, I have been given instructions to bypass microsoft being ever called, or even been told not to tell the auction site, not ebay but another one I use about the keys so I suspect that these are either recycled or semi legal at best.

Still if you don't want to be put into the subscription plans microsoft charges you would do this.

Of course, if like me you never completely have socked all your email, and your working life into microsoft office you are not with the borg so to speak.

For people like most of the family, a brother, 2 uncles and an aunt and my dad who have just been using office all their lives, they have been conditioned to using it and outlook etc etc.

For myself I stayed with office till I quit using it after university.

I have been using jarte ever since and thunderbird and don't regret my decision to bail but as I said because I am not in corperate I don't need office, jaws or any such thing at all.

Once you are sucked in, well you get sucked in.

Ironically, I was almost sucked into the apple echosystem before my dad who has been using the system all his life tried to leave.

Technically you can leave, your music will go with you if you have it on your computer.

Your contacts will mostly but not completely transfer but some apps and data will be lost like whatsapp and other such things.

I suspect that I will be jumping to the droid even though the access is not as good as apple.

Thankfully the same has gone with security software and the office system and I don't mind telling you that I really don't care to get sucked into the evil software suite market even if they seem to look good.

To be honest, if microsoft had a version of office with word, excell and outlook for a lot of the family it would be enough but oh well.

I used to rail against this sort of thing, but if its semi legal somewhere else and the eu seem to be promoting a grey market, then I may just try it.

The code I got will be registered to an ms account, so I am not using another person's account.

And if they find out, I can just shrug it off, kill the software and delete the data and move on its only the cost of a cd.

On 1/07/2020 2:07 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
I will also note that with the rise of the grey market, starting in the EU, it is entirely possible to get MS-Office licenses for a song.  And Office 2019 is now commonly available on the grey market since there have been a lot of computers that had it installed that are already being decommissioned.

I just bought an Office 2019 license from the grey market (on eBay, in this specific case) for a residential client that I will be installing later this afternoon.

On the Grey Market  (PDF on Google Drive)


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