Recovering from NVDA corruption

John J. Boyer

I have Windows 7 and the latest NVDA. I am deafblind, so I use a braille
display. NVDA was doing fine until a few days ago. then the Braille
display was disconnected accidentally. I tried turning off Windows with
the power button, waiting a few minutes and then turning it back on. The
Braille display showed a starting signal, but nothing else. My sighed
assistant reports that he can use Windows normally. NVDA will talk, but
it will not use my Braille display. He tried NVDA troubleshooting, but
the choices didn't make sense. it even asked what version of Windows we
were using. Microsoft hasn't sneaked in an upgrade to Windows 10. That
would have been immediately aparent. I would like to avoid reinstalling
NVDA. Any ideas you come up with will be welcome. i will have to explain
whatever I decide to do to my sighted assistant.


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