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To answer the second question, yes 2017.3 works with Windows 10. Note that as far as the add-on is concerned, WinTenApps does not support 2017.3
To answer Peter's question (and to expand on Brian's answer): Windows 10 App Essentials is an add-on that improves accessibility and usability of controls found in Windows 10, along with improving usability of some built-in apps such as Calculator, Microsoft Store and others. The add-on sometimes serves as an extended beta testing facility where features under consideration for inclusion in NVDA are tested in public e.g. support for announcing hardware keyboard input suggestions was first made available on the add-on, then included in NVDA in late 2018.

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thanks so much brian.
i really needed this link.also, is nvda 2017.3 really works well with windows ten?

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What exactly does Windows 10 App Essentials do?
A very thorough description for this add-on is provided on its page,
10 App Essentials (
https://addons.nvda-project.org/addons/wintenApps.en.html ) , at the
NVDA Community Add-ons website (
https://addons.nvda-project.org/index.en.html )



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