Issue with focus mode in some controls NVDA 2020.2 beta

Bruno Aníbal Prieto González

I'm having the next issue with the latest NVDA beta. In some edit
fields, pressing left or right arrows at the beginning or end of the
box, NVDA moves to other controls. This happens to me in Microsoft
Teams for example, or in Microsoft Sway. With NVDA 2020.1 it doesn't
happen. Does something like this happen to anyone?

It also happens sometimes that when you move through UWP or Win32
controls, for example when you reach the music tree in iTunes, it
doesn't read, music tree, but it reads directly the name of the song.
In the Windows 10 mail application, sometimes it does not read that it
is a list where the senders of a mail appear, but it reads the mail
directly. Sometimes it reads it, sometimes it doesn't. In Microsoft
Edge, when passing through tabs, sometimes it doesn't read the name of
the tab, but it reads directly a control of that page, like a link.
These things didn't happen in NVDA 2020.1.

I'd like to know if anyone else has these issues or could try to
replay them so I can be more confident that it's not just my problem
and report it.


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