locked Re: Windows 10 App Essentials 20.07 released, requires Windows 10 November 2019 Update or later #addonrelease


Let's clean up that huge run-on sentence from my last message, that I failed to break up before hitting send.  What follows should be both far more readable and make more sense.

It is my opinion that every NVDA user should, as a matter of practice, install the Add-ons documentation add-on.  It makes access to the detailed documentation that now comes packaged with the majority of NVDA Add-ons very quick and easy.  You'll often find the answers to your questions about add-ons very promptly by taking a look at their documentation rather than by asking here and waiting for someone to respond. I hasten to add that those questions are entirely appropriate, and welcome, but if speed is of the essence, you have an option much more closely at hand and under your own control.

Brian - Windows 10 Pro, 64-Bit, Version 1909, Build 18363  

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