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Actually, yes you will experience issues when using 2017.3 with Windows 10 Version 1903, as 2017.3 does not support changes introduced with Version 1903 (there are too many to list).
To reiterate my position on this (and hopefully this would be the final time I have to state this): as Brian (and many others) indicated, software has finite lifetime. Windows 10, NVDA, and Windows 10 App Essentials follow this principle. I have no intention of making a newer add-on release work with NVDA 2017.3, nor plan to create a version of NVDA 2017.3 that will support new Windows 10 features (end of story, period).
Before I get off the stage, just a heads up: a future development snapshot of Windows 10 App Essentials will drop support for NVDA 2019.3, but that won't happen until 2020.2 release candidate comes out.

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for my desired voice preferences,
the last version that i can use is 2017.3 if i find a system with windows ten 1903, can i use 2017.3 without any major issue?
also, does nvda 2017.3 support firefox quantum efficiently?

On 7/2/20, Brian Vogel <britechguy@gmail.com> wrote:
On Thu, Jul 2, 2020 at 01:42 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

The above policy also aligns with Windows as a Service concept to
some extent - a given Windows 10 release has finite support lifetime.
And it also aligns with general practice among all commercial, and the
vast majority of open-source, software developers that they will not
make any attempt at backward compatibility with an unsupported version
of an operating system, Windows or otherwise. There are times when
backward compatibility is "accidentally maintained" but it should
never be expected, ever, by intent for unsupported versions of any operating system.

In the age of most things going in the "as a service" direction, it is
truly futile to make any attempt to stay with one thing, no matter how
much one might like it, when it has been abandoned by its own maker.


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