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I am one of the offenders. I often have spell check on when I do these emails and it alerts me at the end of capitalisation errors, but the I or i I tend to leave as they are. It very much depends on how you have capital indication on. In Espeak for example there are several things, like bleeps, intonation and say cap. I use intonation, and not too much of it. Of course when Capitals are all over the please such as oN tHIS bIT it affects that actual sound of the words as well, and this is what is heard when others caps are reversed.

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The funniest thing for me is when people don't capitalize the letter i when they're talking about themselves. The screen readers, most of them at least, pronounce the i all out of flow and it sounds like undue emphasis. I really don't want NVDA telling its voices not to speak those things that way, as it's a great way to be told when somebody isn't using capitalization properly. I'm weird, and I know it!

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hi every one.
how can set nvda not sensitive to capital letters?
beginning of words with capital letters does not cause a problem and
in most cases nvda reads the words properly.
but unfortunately when someone write the words with many capital
letters even in the middle and end of the words nvda reads the
sentences and in many cases leter by letter and i could not understand
my skype messages and emails?
what should i do to solve this problem?
thanks and god bless you all.

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