Re: New Version 1.04 of Timezoner add on does not work for me

Gerardo Corripio

Latest version works as it should. I even featured it on a Spanish-speaking podcast I’m preparing to upload to the “ActualidadAccesible” site found at if you guys know enough Spanish to give it a look. I posted two previous articles and podcasts about the NVDA screen reader already;this will be the 3rd in a series.


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De: Luke
Enviado: viernes, 3 de julio de 2020 10:51 a. m.
Asunto: [nvda] New Version 1.04 of Timezoner add on does not work for me


Using Windows version 1909and NVDA version 2020.1.  I downloaded the Timezoner update from the add on updater today. It is version 1.04 and when I press  the original keystroke for the add on (so, its not a input gesture) NVDA + Alt + T to tell the time in which time zone I have selected the add on gives no answer. I added a second time zone and still no time being told to me. I happened to have the previous version to install.  I Reinstalled that and it works. Anybody else having trouble with the update?Also,  Once I realized the Timezoner didn’t work downloading from the updater I did remove the add on and re downloaded again but to no avail.      



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