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JM Casey

Hey Vincent. This is good to know. Thanks.

So I have Microsoft Office Professional …I presume this means I have both versions of onenote on my computer? I’ll have to read up on exactly what the difference is between the two programmes…



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Sent: July 4, 2020 7:39 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Microsoft OneNote


I am a user of onenote in my day to day and business life.


The ap on windows 10 works great with nvda, it became better and better over the last few years.


Stay away from the onenote ap which comes with microsoft office.Last time I tried, it was useless with nvda.


This article may help:

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On 7/3/2020 8:11 PM, JM Casey wrote:

Hey folks. Just putting some feelers out to see if anybody uses this (OneNote) and how well it works with NVDA. I’m in a position where it’s been used to conduct/coordinate a D&D campaign (yes, really) and I don’t want to have to make someone change his whole way of doing things – but the last time I poked around with oneNote I couldn’t really make much useful out of it. At that time though I had no specific goal in mind. Any thoughts? Tips /pointers? Is the app that comes with Windows 10 sufficient or is there, like Skype, another/better one I should download for best results?





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