Re: Windows 10 Upgrade and Windows 10 App Essentials


doue to several bugs and issues in windows ten 2004,
microsoft did not upgrade all computers to this versions until now.
when this operating system becomes stable, people can easily use it
and update their computers.

On 7/5/20, Ron Canazzi <> wrote:
Hi Group,

I keep getting this 'this version of Windows 10 app essentials is
incompatible with this version of Windows message every time I restart
my system and try installing the latest version of Windows 10 app
essentials. I know Joseph has indicated that this would happen if you
weren't running Windows 2004 verwsion.  I tried to manually install the
Windows 2004 version from the Microsoft support page and half way
through the installation, I got the following message.
This PC can't be upgraded to Windows 10.
Your PC settings aren't supported yet on this version of Windows 10.
Microsoft is working to support your settings soon. No action is needed.
Windows Update will offer this version of Windows 10 automatically when
these settings are supported.

a cursory search on Google for this information shows that only about
half the systems are now running version 2004. I am wondering why Joseph
used this upgraded version of Windows 10 app essentials under these
circumstances.  I wonder what they  mean about the settings on your PC
are not supported.

Any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.

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