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The actual announcement was sent to Win10 forum, although I did hint at that a while back (if I’m reading the list archives correctly in the midst of working on multiple NVDA pull requests).

An important thing to remember: Version 1903 is also going out of support: December 8, 2020 is the last official cumulative update release date; beyond this date there is no “support”. The story is a bit complicated than that – November 2019 Update (Version 1909) is, as far as internals are concerned, Version 1903 with certain features turned on. Same will happen with Version 2004 and upcoming Version 20H2 (later this year).




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On Sun, Jul 5, 2020 at 09:32 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

So what do I do?

Wait until Version 2004 is offered, or at least until another month goes by before trying to force update.  In the meantime if you have not been updated to the latest version of Windows 10 App Essentials just keep ignoring the "can't update" message for that.

I said somewhere else today, and I'll say it again here:  While I never recommend forcing a Feature Update during the early period of a roll out, if you are still on the version before the one just to be released very shortly before it is to be released then you should be force updating to the current version then.

Yours is a perfect example of that.  Version 1909 was around for quite a while before the formal release date for Version 2004 was announced, and your machine is still on 1903.  I don't know why that is and, to be perfectly honest, it really doesn't matter anyway.  Microsoft announced that 1909 was "good to go" for all Windows 10 users months ago (and I seem to recall Joseph posting a notice to that effect here at the time).  If you ever see a notice like that posted to this group then if you're not already on the version for which Microsoft has given the "good for all users" announcement then manually update your machine to it.

It prevents the sort of situation you're in right now, where certain software that's been keeping up with Windows 10 Feature Updates is compatible only with the most recent version or two versions.

While there's virtually never a good reason to force update from your current version to the next one in sequence when that next one is new, there's also virtually never a good reason not to force update if you haven't ended up on it via Windows Update many months later.  And remember, fully automatic updates are, and have been, a thing of the past for a while now.  Even Windows 10 Home users are only going to get feature updates via activating the Download and install now link for same when it is presented in the Windows Update pane in Update & Security Settings.  So keep watch for it.

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