Premature Forced Updates [Was "nvda Windows 10 Upgrade and Windows 10 App Essentials]

Marquette, Ed

Indeed, a forced upgrade ought to be a rare occurrence.  It should be remembered that updating to the latest version of Windows is often not an individual user’s choice.  Many organizations, in fact, most organizations I know about, deliberately stay at least one update (and sometimes two updates) behind.  One reason I’m told is that organizations are loathed to expend resources to update scores or hundreds of computers without a pretty strong reason, particularly since the interconnectivity of enterprise software is frequently affected by upgrades.  IT Departments tend to test upgrades pretty extensively before deploying them.  Often, an upgrade of Windows will be coordinated with an upgrade of Office too.  The second reason given is that new releases of anything tends to have bugs.  Waiting until the bugs are corrected seems like a wise choice.

I’m not sure I agree with either of the reasons, and I sometimes think they are really excuses, but I cannot say the reasoning is seriously flawed.

The point is that upgrades are simply not possible for some of us who are stuck in a system where individuals do not have administrative privileges and, therefore, cannot upgrade when they would like.


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