Re: How to do post-production work in audacity class exercises are now available.


I'd like to get these files. It appears that the link doesn't work.

On 8/21/2016 12:51 AM, derek riemer wrote:
yesterday I mentioned the course to teach potential NVDACon editors
how to edit audio, in hopes of getting people interested in helping
with post-production of the NVDACon sessions. If you are interested in
challenge problems and exercises that are encouraged for those
learning audio editing, you can download them at

Note that this is simply a 7zip self-extracting archive. If you are
weary of running executables, you can install 7zip, and unpack the
archive from this link (It's the exact same files, just not

Also, under this folder is challenge.wav. This is the audio of the
class I ran on teamtalk today. It is unedited, so that you can
practice making a post-production ready audio file. In order to
compress to mp3 in audacity, you need to install the laime library for
MP3 encoding. This is clearly documented on the audacity website

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