Re: A problem with Nvda and Notepad

Cearbhall O'Meadhra


I am not sure that WordWrap would make any difference. I have tried reading
with WordWrap off and NVDA still functions normally. However, I am
surprised that you are using control-right arrow to read since this is a
Windows command for reading word by word. Is there a reason for not using
the other NVDA reading controls?

I read words and lines in notepad by using insert and up arrow to read the
current line and insert+down-arrow to read the whole text from the current
line to the bottom of the document.

Both work fine with Wordwrap on and off!

All the best,


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Subject: [nvda] A problem with Nvda and Notepad

Hi group,

I have found out, that Nvda reads only some words by the shortcut Ctrl +
right arrow.

Couldn't someone advise me how to discipline NVDA to use me keyboard
shortcuts Ctrl-Right arrow did not omit words? Quite often I use this
acronym and the problem is holding me back.

This problem is in Notepad.


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