Re: A problem with Nvda and Notepad


Hi Sarah,

I found out, that the problem is also after restarting PC.

Not any addons I have disabled.

Dne 06.07.2020 v 17:32 Sarah k Alawami napsal(a):

Did you try running the registration tool in nvda menu/tools, and or restarting your computer to see if that would work? Also, what eversion of windows are you running, what version of nvda and did you also try with all add ons disabled?


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On 6 Jul 2020, at 8:31, Jarek.Krcmar wrote:

Hi Gene,

The situation is not changed after wraping line, Nvda does not read all words by using Ctrl + right arrow.


Dne 06.07.2020 v 14:36 Gene napsal(a):

It isn't a shortcut.  It is actually a Windowss command to move the cursor right by word and NVDA is programmed to read the word the cursor moves through.

I don't know why it isn't reading properly but are you saying it is in Notepad and not in other programs such as Word or Wordpad or a browser?  I suspect you may be having the problem because word wrap is off in Notepad. Notepad doesn't create new lines.  If something you are working on is just a string of text with no line feeds, Notepad sees it as one continuous line and movement doesn't work as you expect.
Open the menus in Notepad.
Right arrow to format and down arrow.
When you get to word wrap, do you hear checked if you let Word wrap be spoken and then wait for a second or two?  If not, press enter when you are on Word Wrap.  It is now turned on and I think the problem will be solved.

-----Original Message----- From: Jarek.Krcmar
Sent: Monday, July 06, 2020 6:54 AM
Subject: [nvda] A problem with Nvda and Notepad

Hi group,

I have found out, that Nvda reads only some words by the shortcut Ctrl +
right arrow.

Couldn't someone advise me how to discipline NVDA to use me
keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Right arrow did not omit words? Quite often
I use this acronym and the problem is holding me back.

This problem is in Notepad.

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