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         Depending on when you joined the group, and how, there is a feature in your Accounts page, Preferences tab, that is a checkbox that reads, I always want copies of my own emails.

         The default state for that these days is off, but at one time it was on.  That's the most likely reason.  However, if you have an e-mail client with filters set up there are times that filters can end up creating double copies as well.

          If you have never logged on to the website, then see the beginning of this document, Controlling the Messages You Receive via E-Mail from,
with regard to how to get a password to log in to the site to control your various settings.  At this point you do not need to know anything beyond how to get set up to log in and can read the rest of that document at your leisure.  After you log in to, you can copy and paste this URL,, into your  address box and you'll be taken straight to your preferences page where you can examine that checkbox and uncheck it if it's checked.  Just remember to activate the Update Preferences button at the bottom of the page to save your changes if you make any.

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